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Friday, January 26, 2007

Whatnot-ish-ness Continued

Right. I think H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks just froze over. ‘Cause – DANG, Baby, it’s cold outside. And – oh you wacky westerners – don’t give me that “You sissy Torontonian! You think THAT’s cold!?” ‘cause I grew up in Alberta. I did my time and I know cold. THIS is cold. Nostril-searing, tear-duct-soldering-shut cold. I will even go so far as to dip into my frosty bag of frozen clichés and say – yup, wet cold is FAR worse than dry cold. Gimme dry -35 C over wet -15 C any old day.

So. Weather. Meh.

And no actual hockey sticks in sight until tomorrow night. I hate the all-star break. I love the Leafs. There – there is another thing you now know about me. Which brings me neatly to the point of this post in a “Hey, get to know me” kinda segue. Because I realized that my Introductory Whatnots post was a little on the vague side. SO – a few specifics:

You already know I’m a writer. You already know I’m an actor. (Those of you who’ve been paying attention, that is)...

Let’s see... what else? I’m pretty obviously blonde from the headshot to your left (my right - heh) although that has not necessarily always been the case. I’m 5’3’’ but my ebullient laugh makes me seem at least 5’11’’. (Okay – 5’4’’.) I share my house with three cats. You will probably hear a lot about them. I also share my house with my boyfriend. You’ll probably also hear a lot about him, too. ‘Cause he’s cool. John is smarter than me, funnier than me, ALMOST cuter than me... and he’s on the TV!!! And he get to do things like go to a movie this afternoon ‘cause it’s part of his job. And last year he interviewed William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy AT THE SAME TIME. Which I happen to think is incredibly cool. Which gives you another key tidbit about ME. You know – just in case you didn’t notice the flashing neon sign on my head. The one that says GEEK. In big green letters. That is me. And I mean that in the GOOD way.

Okay. That's all the Lesley-tidbittery for now... Don't wanna spoil you guys.
More anon.


Heather Brewer said...

DUDE! I'm taller than you--I'm like a GIANT compared to you. I'm 5'4", but still...

Lesley Livingston said...

Well, sure. But in the nineties, my hair, alone, added a good 3 1/2 inches to my height! (Oh, thank god it's not still the nineties...)


adrienne said...

Well let's not forget my friend Joanna, who was so fooled by Lesley's commanding performance on the stage, that is was only until Act 2 she realised how um, vertically unlucky Lesley was (Joanna is around 6 feet tall and made a point of standing up next to Lesley afterwards in the pub).