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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Yeah, okay - see THAT is a window. NOT a t.v...

so WHY are there a bunch of Tactical Assault Unit cops standing on MY street, holding automatic weapons and the leashes of police dogs that more closely resemble WOLVES?" -- That was my first thought the other evening as I sat, looking out the front window of the local pub which just happens to be about half a block from my house.

See, John and I had gone for a bite to eat and a beverage with a friend and lo! behold! Urban Drama! Just like on the Teee Veee.

For a brief moment, I thought, "Hey. Maybe they're shooting a scene for an episode of The Dresden Files." 'Cause they do that fairly frequently in and around the general vicinity. Except, um, they weren't. Nope. Real cops. Looking for real carjackers. With REAL GUNS. Possibly - probably, in my mind, of course - in my backyard. Of course, they weren't. In my backyard that is.

Story goes; some dudes out in Pickering (Pickering, fer crying out loud! That's a VERY long way from my house!) car-jack some poor unfortunate car-drivin' guy and make him chauffeur them all the way to downtown Toronto as they toss guns out the car windows and the cops give merry chase. Which resumes on foot after they (minorly) crash the car ON MY STREET. Car-drivin' dude was unhurt, car-jackin' dudes are still - as far as I know - largely uncaught, and we got to watch a police perimeter at work through the pub window.

Now - THAT's an entertaining evening at the pub. Kidding. But it was a little surreal. And sort of like watching really REALLY High Definition television. With a live jazz band playing in the background.

So. How was your weekend?


adrienne said...


Heather Brewer said...

Well, mine certainly didn't include gun-carrying cops! Scary stuff, doll (and WAY cool!).

Lesley Livingston said...

Yeah... it was a little like "Okay. When do the Prison Break Hotties show up? 'Cause... THAT'd be cool..."