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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Introductory Whatnots

Okey dokey. I suppose I oughta get the introductions/bloggy raison d’etres out of the way first, before I continue yammering on into the space that is cyber.
Hi. I’m Lesley. I’m a writer and actor by day, kick-ass super-powered monster-killer by night... wait. Nooo... that’s Buffy. My bad.
Heh. Okay – the writer/actor part is true. Which, of course, means that I also have a real job, as I am an actor in Canada (and not one of the 12 cylons - er, I mean - actors in Canada who work with any regularity) and I am TEMPORARILY un-published. Actually, that’s not true. I have sold 2 (by Gar, count ‘em TWO) whole short stories.
The first was actually published and appeared in On Spec Magazine, Canada’s quarterly magazine for speculative literature.
The second story is gestating at DAW books, along with a whole bunch of other fine stories which, when their time is come, shall burst forth in anthology format (edited by the lovely and talented Julie Czerneda, whom I adore and secretly envy for the size and lushness of her vasty imagination and mad writing skillz – of course, not so secretly, now - heh) and titled MISSPELLED, so jot that down (actually, don’t bother – I shall remind you incessantly, the nearer the pub date approacheth!). That, for those keeping track, was a really really runny-onny sentence with wandering parentheticality.
Right. I’ve also written 2 (by Gar, count ‘em TWO) whole novels! The first is a Thick and Chunky slice of Arthuriana (er, pertaining to King Arthur, that is) with a modern twist and a side of bloody battles and flaming arrows of death! Whee!
And the second is a Light and Fluffy bowl of Young Adult fun (with a side of bloody battles and flaming arrows of death! Whee!) about a girl who, quite inadvertently, winds up almost two thousand years in the past (repeatedly), smack in the middle of the Roman invasion of Britain (and the Celtic ‘poo-to-you-with-knobs-on’ response thereto, mostly from a Warrior Queen by the name of Boudicca).
Both novels are currently being shopped around by my lovely and talented literary agent, whom I also adore. And when someone decides to DO THE RIGHT THING and publish one and or both of them – please. Fret not. You’ll hear about it. Probably in an ‘oh-my-god-my-ears-are-bleeding-did-ya-have-to-yell-that-loud’ hearing about it kinda way!
As far as the acting thing goes, I am one of the founding member of Tempest Theatre Group, here in Toronto and let’s just say, at this point, that I’ve played Lady Macbeth more times than I’ve had hot dinners.
So, that’s me.
As far as my blogging impetus is concerned? Urr... I like to blather?...
There. That should do it for now... mostly ‘cause I know that there is no one reading this blog just yet... and so, blathery inclinations notwithstanding, it does feel a bit like I’m standing in front of a mirror practicing facial expressions at this point.

So - over ‘n’ out, until I’m not.


adrienne said...

Welcome my dear! I love how your blog sounds EXACTLY like you. It's awesome. I shall make a little announcement in my blog tomorrow of your new presence on the inter-web!

Elizabeth said...

"...whom I adore and secretly envy for the size and lushness of her vasty imagination"

I can just HEAR the pause there between 'vasty' and 'imagination'.

Ah, Lesley, me darlin', you make me wish I didn't live so damned far away... but discovering your luminescent presence in the blogosphere now ALMOST makes up for that.

(Um, are you and Cait by any chance planning on wearing those go-go dresses again at Ad-Astra this year? 'Cause that just might get me up there again...)

Lesley Livingston said...

Adrienne! Thanks for the welcome! (She lies - I don't sound anywhere near this odd in person... oh. I guess I do... huh.)

Elizabeth! It fills me with astonished glee that you found me - and so damn fast! (perhaps I should dial down the luminescence? - hee!) I can't divulge about Ad-Astra just yet. But there will be sparkliness... OH yes. So DO get yer butt up here, un'erstan'?