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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Round-Up: Part the First!

Well... the last few weeks have been all sorts of cool.

All sorts of exhausting cool.

And, yes, I know... I haven't blogged a stitch about it. Because the coolness was all-encompassing and ate up all my time and most of my higher brain functions! So to make up for that, I promise a series of posts wherein I get you all caught up. With pictures!

First of all, there was the the White Pine Festival down at Harbourfront. I know I mentioned awhile ago that I was shortlisted for this award and, let me tell you, the students and teachers in schools across Ontario take this thing pretty darn seriously! It's amazing. The award is student-voted on and at the two-day Festival of Trees celebration, the authors get treated like rock stars. The festivities are held outside and there's always a huge turn-out of students and teachers and librarians! And much insane cheering and hooting during the ceremony...

A view of the crowd and the author nominees on the stage.
(I'm at the very far left)

I had the opportunity to hang out with some really fabulous authors - Tim Wynne Jones was particularly entertaining to sit next to on the stage - but the best thing, as always, was meeting the fans and readers. These kids were outstanding. They are passionate readers and not shy about letting you know it.

That's me signing autographs in a very chilly tent for some very awesome students!

One of whom could totally be a leprechaun in my universe - check the awesome green 'hawk!

The award ceremony itself, with all the authors lined up on the stage.
WONDROUS STRANGE won "Honour Book"!

Aside from the awards themselves, there were weeks of school-visit shenanigans leading up to that. I went to Peterborough, North York, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Scarborough, Bayfield, and Belleville, among others.

Here are some shots from one of my school visits - in Scarborough, at L'Amoreaux Collegiate:

They put my name on the sign!

And created a cool display with a beaded horse-tail and a horn to call the Wild Hunt!

My hosts, Dianne and Officer Reeve and another WONDROUS STRANGE
display, complete with a 4-leaf clover pendant!

This particular visit was a lot of fun (who am I kidding - they're ALL fun!) because Officer Reeve is the School Resource Officer - a real live policeman who is stationed at the school as a community liason and he runs a reading club for the boys at L'amoreaux. Which is very cool, because there often isn't enough encouragement these days for boys to read. He was my escort for the day and picked me up from the subway to drive me to the school... in the cruiser! :-D

Okay, sure. Maybe I did wind up in handcuffs.

But I didn't actually try to steal his cruiser...

I only thought about it!

Anyway, he had to let me go - otherwise I never would have made it to the festival!

Next up:
The Supernatural Tour!


Michele said...

You sure have been busy! Congrats on the award too!! It's well deserved!! :-)

Lesley Livingston said...

Thanks, Michele!

Busy's good I always say! - Doesn't leave me any time to get into trouble...


Anonymous said...

aww, you didn't post the picture of when you visited the woodlands public library in mississauga D:

Lesley Livingston said...

No no... I just havent posted it YET!


Patience, grasshopper...


Anonymous said...

where is it possible to find the clover necklace kelly wears in wondrous strange? congrats for white pine honour book, my school thinks you deserved first place (:

Tori said...

I loved DarkLight! Just finished reading it! It sounds like you're going to make a third from the ending! Are you? I sure hope so! The ending made me cry! Fenn is one kick butt character I must say! My favorite part is when Sonny says that if the last thing that goes through his mind is What the hell was that? Then he wouldhuny him down in the afterlife and punch his face throughout all eternity...And then the last thought that crossed his mind a few pages later was What the hell was that? Please make a third! Please, please, please, please, PLEEEEEAAASE! Pwezzy pwease wif a chewwy on tawp?

Cara and Danielle! said...

You forgot the part where myself and my two friends asked you to write "Wondrous Strange... in your pants".