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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hola, Spain!!

I'm SO excited!

On October 20, the lovely and wonderful people at ViceVersa Editorial will release the Spanish edition of WONDROUS STRANGE! In Spain!

They have been absolutely lovely to work with and the VV design team came up with an absolutely beautiful cover. It's so different from the North American version (which I adore beyond words), and yet, I feel it also really captures the feel of the story!

The Spanish Version also has a different title - LA NOVENA NOCHE. It means "The Ninth Night" and that, also, is such a lovely and perfect interpretation.

Without further gushing from me, here for your viewing pleasure, LA NOVENA NOCHE:

And, if your curious, and want to hear me torture the Spanish tongue, click here for the ViceVersa site, and a video interview with yours truly!




Sara said...

Gorgeous! Though I think I still like the US ones better... ;)

Dianika said...

Hey, I'm a Spanish reader! Right now I'm reading the first chapter thanks to internet to decide if I put it in my wanted books list. Just entered to your website to get info about La novena noche and found out it is a trilogy. It's good to know it, on the webpage were I saw the release of the book don't say if it is one book or a saga.

Cheers from Spain!

PD: Spanish cover has a sweet girl on its cover, but US one has an interesting gaze. I don't know which one I prefer, both are beautiful.

Lesley Livingston said...

Thanks, Ladies!

I love them both for completely different reasons. I just consider myself doubly lucky to have two such gorgeous covers!! ;-)

And thanks for popping by Diankia! You might just be my first Spanish commenter!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Spanish too ! I'm no tvery good at English so I'm sorry if you don't understand me
I read la novena noche last week! I think it is the BEST BOOK I have ever read!;)
is it a triology?
I'm very excited and I hope the second part of la novena noche will come soon to Spain ... Do you know when it will arrive?

Irune said...

Hey Lesley I am spanish and I think this book is AMAZING I order right now the second part
The covers are so differents!
but I love it