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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What is it about Italian that just rolls off the tongue?

ARCANE MERAVIGLIE.... doesn't that sound lovley? It sounds even more lovely once you know that it is the Italian name for WONDROUS STRANGE!!

And it's available HERE from the wonderful people at Fazi Editore.

That's right Kelley and Sonny have gone International! Anybody here read Italian?


Laura said...

Hi Lesley my name is Laura and I live in Italy. I'm reading your book and I love it very much, I'm quite close to the end and I'm very interested in what will happen in future..
I'm glad you like the italian name of the book!!! ^_^
Sorry for my English!
I wish you all the best! Laura

Federica said...

My name's Federica and I'm italian. i've read the book too.
Amazing!! "Arcane meraviglie" is nice, but i really love word "Wondrous"!
I hope you'll write a sequel and it'd be released very soon in Italy!!
Have a "wondrous" day!

Lesley Livingston said...

Hello Laura and Federica!

Welcome to my blog - all the way from Italy!

I'm so pleased you're enjoying the story. Thank you for stopping by!


(Federica - it's the first book in a trilogy!)
(And Laura - your English is fabulous!)

alessandra said...

hi lesley! i'm alessandra from rome, italy. i'm completely in love with Sonny and kelley (a little bit more with sonny...). i've read that next book will be in our hands on december's true? i hope i could read it in my language on the same date, otherwise, i'll order on amazon! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN, I CAN'T WAIT FOR ITALIAN TRANSLATION! tks so much for the lovely characters you've created! ale

Ylenia said...

Hi! I'm Ylenia and I'm Italian and I read your book: it's so beautiful and I very very interested what will happen in the second book (Darklight is a grea title!). I'm in love with Sonny, he's the perfect man. Really.
Sorry for my english: it is very bad.

prophecygirl said...

What a lovely title!

Maria said...

Hi Lesley! I'm Maria and I also read your book! It's AMAIZING!!!! I read it in two days! I just could'nt take my eyes off the book!!! I really can't wait for the second!
Thank you so much for your book.
P.S Sonny is haunting my dreams! ^_^ he's soooo dreamy!!!

Maria said...

I was so excited that I forgot to say that I'm from Italy too! LOL!