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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BEGONE Cyber Bunnies of Dust!!

Begone, I command you!

**brandishes cyber-broom, chases pixelated dust e-bunnies from the blog**


The place sure collected a fair few cobwebs in my absence... hey -- is that a tumbleweed?? Out. Out, I say! Tumble your weedy wares elsewhere!!

Greetings, dear reader! (I assume that at least one of you might have hung around, waiting for me to eventually resurface - er - Hi, Mom! **waves**) My most sincere apologies for, y'know, dropping off the face of the globe.

In the wake of post-Book 2 edits, I guess I had just sort of used up my word hoard. I needed to let it refill before I started yammering on at any sort of length. The last thing any of you need to read from me is inane yammering. Heh.

Moving along...

Also, I got real busy. REAL. I was invited out to the Frye Festival in New Brunswick for a week to do a mad whirlwind schools tour. Followed by three days in Ottawa at their Writer's Festival doing much the same thing. It was awesome - sometimes I forget just how much I enjoy hanging around teens. I did readings and answered questions and signed books and body parts and shoes and my first cast!

Then I came home and after a very brief respite, I found myself locked in a padded room for three days straight! I know what you're thinking. And you're wrong. This time.

No - I was recording the script for the audio version of WONDROUS STRANGE!! I did this down at the studios in the CBC building and Ann my producer and Alaine my sound engineer were fantastic! But, almost four days later, and my neck muscles still feel a bit tender.

Also? I succumbed. I caved. I gave in. I gave up. I joined. I'm a joiner.


(and I kinda really dig it!!)

Please come follow me. My screen name is LesLivingston. Don't make me be lonely.

I've missed you all. I will be a better blogger. You'll see. And you will fling me blogger cupcakes. And I will smile and get icing everywhere.

(But I have to say, the dust e-bunnies were sort of cute...)


Doug A Scott said...

Oh, God, no, not Twitter now! I do not need another social electronic... thingy to get involved in! I barely keep up with my Facebook and blog! Actually, I'm not too bad with Facebook, but my blog is even more neglected than yours!

Sigh. Okay, I will follow your Twitter. But I'm not signing up!

Oh, looking forward to hearing the audio book of WS. (I had to say something on topic.)

Lesley Livingston said...

Hee! You know what, Doug? I thought I wouldn't like it - but I actually kinda do.

And I'm glad your looking forward to the audio book! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey:) Glad you are back!