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Monday, March 23, 2009

Reviewed in the Globe and Mail!

This certainly made my weekend!

WONDROUS STRANGE received a fantastic review in Saturday's Globe & Mail - Canada's largest national newspaper.

Check it out! Among other lovely things, it has this to say:

"Oh, bestselling Twilight, thou hast a strong contender. Livingston delivers with skillful momentum, in the same way she unveils the complicated faerie plots lurking behind the fabric of the everyday... With mastery, Livingston handles the dramatic agony of growing up... As a young adult fantasy, this book has it all."

Also? The review describes Sonny as a "dreamy bad boy of the first rate". Totally. Awesome.

And the icing on this particular cake? I had the delightful, utterly coincidental pleasure of sharing the review with my good friend and authoress-supremo, Adrienne Kress, and her new fab release, Timothy and the Dragon's Gate! She blogs about it here as well, and I shamelessly yoinked this picture that she posted from the print version:

Ahh... "mouthy power and dark cleverness". Er... I mean... no, wait... actually, that kinda works.


Mrs. Duncan said...

You deserve every bit of praise- get used to it! I just had a book fundraiser at Barnes and Noble in Oceanside, CA and sold every copy of your book! ;-) In fact, I bought a copy for Cassandra Clare, author of City of Glass [just released!]. I told her it was my gift to her! She said she couldn't wait to read it.

;-) Hope to connect with you soon! Beth Duncan, middle school teacher in Vista, CA

Jenn Johansson said...

Tha is so great Lesley! Awesome review and with Adrienne too! Cool :D