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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to Canada, Mr. President!

Sorry about the cold. Make sure you wear a fuzzy hat!

Appropriately enough, my friend Mike was playing around with Obamicons and made this one for/of me!

Note the fuzzy hat!


Doug A Scott said...

Ha! Neat! I've noodled around with the Obamicons myself. I don't have any good shots of myself to use. I though of a Waitron on with the caption "Accessing." Or maybe a Trish one with a "Hhnrryuhn-hnuh." ;-)

Mrs. Duncan said...

I LOVED Wondrous Strange! I am a middle school teacher, and after reading your book, I went back and bought multiple copies to share with my kids. It's magical in so many way... and totally appropriate for me to recommend to teen readers.

THANK YOU. I would love to hear from you. If you are interested in talking to students and are planning a book tour to SoCal, I would love to connect. My kids read and recommend books for Barnes and Noble. I will have some on Wondrous Strange. I can send you some of their reviews if you are interested.

Okay. Big question. Will there be a second book and will there be ARCs available? ;-)
Thank you!
Beth Duncan

Jenn Johansson said...

I love the fuzzy hat and the Obamicon! Hope you can stay warm! :D Thank you for the e-mail and for the tips on being patient. I will let you know when I hear anything! Still crossing my fingers, toes... pretty much anything that is crossable. ;)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Please tell me that there will be a follow up to wonrous strange!? I am holding out hope that we will get to see what happens next:)