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Friday, September 5, 2008

TNG - Girl Friday!

By 'TNG' I do NOT mean Star Trek - The Next Generation.

Although I do think it's an amusing coincidence.

No no - I mean THE NOVEL GIRLS wherein I'm abloggin' today (and every friday for the foreseeable future!)

This is our introductory week and it would be bloody marvelous if those of you who felt inclined to meet a few fun and lovely writer girls wandered over to say 'hi!'

Come on by and grok the grog!

Also, you know, just as a side note (pertaining to the post directly below this one)... after my Fan Expo experience, John went and bought me the season 3 dvds of Happy Days. He SO rocks. We watched both part of "Fearless Fonzarelli" last night and I laughed my butt off!

1 comment:

Tez Miller said...

I've heard there's a Fonzi (or at least Henry Winkler) statue in Wisconsin. Any chance of you holidaying there and getting your photo taken with the Fonz? ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)