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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ketchup? Catsup?...

How about CATCH UP?

Which is what I'm playing with this post!!

First of all, I was in New York (yay!!) and only got back late on Tuesday night - really late, and at the wrong airport because of sever thunderstorms (boo!!) and the week before was all kind of with the !crazy! and the !headless-running-chickenness! and the !endless over-packing! that I invariably do before any trip of more than 3.5 kilometers.

So. I neglected to direct your lovely selves to two very awesome Hardcore Nerdity podcasts full of awesome-osity. The first features Terry Farrell, who played Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and she is ever so cool!

See? She played "Charlie's Angels Pose" with the HCN Crew!!

And the second interview features Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens. They know more about the writing/ tv/ movie biz than... well, pretty much most people. If you are a writer, have writing aspirations, or just like listening to the insights and anecdotes of super-cool smarty-pantses (that would be 'yes', 'yes' and - heh - 'yes' on my part) go there now.

There! Almost sort-of not-really caught up! Whew!!

In the next, not-too-far-off post (quiet, you!) I will have New Yorky Goodness! In the meantime, tide yourself over with this shot of me on the back of a carousel pony in Central Park! I'll explain later!! WHEEEE! FASTER!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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Doug A Scott said...

Argh! Just tried to send you an e-mail and, when I hit send, my mail server apparently went on the fritz! It may have got through, but I can't tell. Hopefully, I can tell later.

Anyhoo... Yes, more New York news, please. Do tell.