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Monday, June 9, 2008


Or, in the venacular, "Boo-Yah! I win!" Swoosh...

Laura, my editor at Harper Collins, in all her awesome-osity, sent me sample interior pages of WONDROUS STRANGE last week. These are like previews of what the actual pages of the actual book will look like. The margins, fonts, layout, spacing, all appear pretty much how they are going to appear when the thing is done and bound and shiny and flying off shelves into the grasping fingers of my - absolutely no doubt wonderful - soon-to-be readership.

And - can I just say? - the pages are beautiful. The designers at HC took my words and made them pretty. Not just pretty to read, but pretty to look at while reading!

The font is elegant and hip at the same time! Each chapter starts with a large capital letter in the same font as the title on the cover! And then... there is the swoosh! Oh... the swoosh. The swoosh (as I call it - I'm not even sure if there's a technical term) is this cool, arresting yet subtle, graphic on the opening page of each chapter. It. Is. Perfect. The goddess, my editor, tells me she went through several iterations before she said "That's it!!" And it is.

Like nike, the shoe, I now have my very own swoosh!
Like Nike, the ancient greek Goddess of Victory, I win!!

Now, sure... fonts and margins might seem like kind of a... what's the word - oh yeah - dorky thing to get all giggly and excited about. I assure you - it is NOT! Seeing my sample pages for the first time, I really felt rather like some sort of warrior victorious - having just won the Battle of Fontastica, entering the Captial City, held high on the backs of my loyal Garamondiers... oh, okay. It's a little dorky. But - so am I! And I still have the best swoosh ever!!


Doug A Scott said...

Sweet. :-)

(Been meaning to write you and John lately, but have been horribly ill and not much inclined to compose. Am hoping the doctor will give me meds of some kind this afternoon. Oh, God, pleeease, give me meds.)

Lesley Livingston said...

Aw, Dougie...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.

You probably need a Nurse. (on second thought... stick with the meds.)


Doug A Scott said...

Meds are definitely safer. I think the Nurse usually recommends amputation for a head cold.

Feeling better, though, thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I'm very excited to read the book. I loved your story in MISSPELLED.