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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Proof is in the Pudding...

Or, in this case, the proofs are under the puddin-tat.

Those are my Page Proofs for WONDROUS STRANGE.

And, as you can see, those would be chapters 1 - 33 of my Page Proofs that Jack is making a comfy comfy pillow out of...

This pass through the manuscript will be the last bit of input I have on this book before it goes to print and that makes going through every single page with a meticuolous proofreading eye somehow slightly nerve-wracking.

Except of course, for Jack's soft, squishy, ever-purring presence and relaxed attitude, which effectively renders the task somewhat less-arduous.

Until I try to get the pages out from under him, that is. Then... it becomes a pointy, grumpy, uncooperative, fairly-arduous task.

But - hey - look! Lookee there, my eagle-eyed blog-readin' buddies!

You can just make out my heretofore-mentioned SWWOOOOSH!! on the first page of Chapter 34!...

Right. Back at it then. Move over Jack. Er... please?

(And hey! stay tuned!... I shall have much cool news in the days to come! Yes. I said days. Not weeks or months, SmartyPants.)


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you!

I'm getting nervous -- HEX BREAKER is set to release Aug. 1 of this year, and I have yet to see my page proofs . . .

Lesley Livingston said...

Hey Devon!

Hooray for you too!
Don't be nervous - when you get them it will be a thrill. A weird, crazy-making thrill, but a thrill nonetheless!


Bonnie Grove said...

And the DAYS fly by.


'tis the sound of my finger drumming my desk, awaiting said cool stuff.

Hey! I just signed a two book contract with David C. Cook! They are publishing my novel Talking to the Dead summer 2009, and its sequel Talking to Angels spring 2010!

My non-fiction (how to use your strenghts to change your life) is due out March 1, 2009.



Can't wait to see more of your book. It's on my "must buy" list!

Lesley Livingston said...



I'm so very pleased for you. This is tremendous news, kiddo! Hope you popped a nicely-chilled bottle of bubbly on hearing that!

Just... Awesome!
(Who knew, back in high school, eh?)