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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Naughty. Fiendish. Nefarious. Positively villainous...

In other words - er, word - wicked.

As in "No rest for the ______"

I have been wicked. That is the obvious explanation.

Wicked BAD. Ergo - no rest.

I love my editor. I love her to BITS! Teeny tiny ones. Which is good! Especially for moments like when, say, oh, the DAY after I e-mailed her the final draft of the manuscript for Wondrous Strange and she sends me a note indicating joy and satisfaction with my promptitude and, then, she slips in a sly little "by the way, the design department is wondering... heh... er... say... what's book two about, Lesley? Just because, you know, they're brainstorming both cover concepts at the same time to get a kind of thematic/ stylistic matching thing..."

Normally, the very mention of cover design sends me into warm-fuzziness and daydreams.

Under these circumstances...

I started to giggle. A bit hysterically.

...and then I started writing Book 2.

Good thing my mom had a birthday this year (she only gets one every four - it's a Leap-Year-y thing), 'cause I just got back from Vancouver Island where I had a lovely relaxing mom-birthday visit with trees and flowers and deer and eagles in the sky and NO FRICKIN' SNOW *mutter* and a nice long plane-ride to and fro in which to noodle away on my WS-2 file. I am rested (HA!), rejuvenated (delusional) and ready to dive head-first into the 'continuing adventures of' (someone please fill the pool with water...)

*giggle giggle giggle*

1 comment:

Doug A Scott said...

Ahem. You were on the Island... and didn't tell us. Jeez.