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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Er... aliens?

Time to fess up.

Time to explain my protracted absences and heretofore shameless lack of post-y goodness.


Okay okay. There were no aliens.

It was the Fairies.

I'm serious! I didn't change my blog header on a whim, ya know. (Actually, I did...)

NEVERTHELESS! (That word looks funny when it's in all-caps. Stop distracting me brain - I'm explaining my strange drawn-out absences. Pff. I'll be over here if anyone needs me. I don't expect so... Quiet, you.)

So. Faeries.

It was a good old fashion Otherworld abduction, I tells ya.
They chained me in a tiny room hidden away from the rest of the world, gave me naught but brackish water and mushrooms for sustenance, set slavering faerie beasts to harrass and torment me, and made me slave over their infernal magical machines, where I wept bitter tears and my fingers bled as, day and night, I turned sawdust and wilted cabbage leaves into delicate golden threads.

Or... you retreated to the study (admittedly not particularily large), a place where there is no internet access (so you could actually - ya know - get something done), John cooked awesome meals and brought them to you so you wouldn't have to haul yer sorry butt downstairs, the cats tried to jump on your lap (which was occasionally annoying - but also pretty darn cute), and you finished drafting and editing your manuscript (sans both tears and blood, it should be noted - although there were a few moments of panicky-idiot mindless jibbering...). Does that sound slightly more familiar?

I hate my brain.

But, dang it all, I made my deadlines.

And the book really is about Faeries, so that part wasn't a complete fabrication.

1 comment:

Bonnie Grove said...

It has to feel good.
Or really strange.
I know when I finish a manuscript the first thing I'm like, "um, so what to do now? I can't just SIT here!"
Hence the sequel.
Happy for ya!

*Happy dance*