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Friday, August 3, 2007

Bloody Good Fun!!

Went and saw the marvelous Adrienne Kress' Summerworks show, A Weekend in the Country, which opened in Toronto last night. I can really only say that I was HIGHLY entertained. HIGHLY.

It is clever and witty (not necessarily the same thing, you know!) and bonkers; a deeply funny look at rain-puddle shallow people faced with the unexpected. Plus, oh yeah. There's blood! And cereal!

If you are in Toronto this week... GO. See it. I command you. That is all.

And now, just so's you don't get all spoiled with me posting more that once in the past two and a half weeks... I must dive back into my all-consuming, super-secret project for world-domination! Ha Ha! (No, Mom. That is NOT a euphemism for 'I gotta go do laundry'. Sheesh.)


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