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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sunshine, lollypops and... Cajun squirrels?

Have you missed me, my loyal blogreadership of... er... you? Yes! YOU!

For my recent protracted absence, I do apologize. And herein offer some sort of explanation. Because I know YOU care.

To wit: I been busy. I'm at the tail-end of a writing project that is close enough to the big FIN that it has, necessarily, occupied most (okay - pretty much ALL) of my time spent keyboarding of late. If you really need evidence, go check out my languishing Facebook page. Second thought, don't. It languishes. That is about all it does at the moment. It is in NO WAY interesting. I'll let you know when it is. Promise. Heh. Do NOT hold your breath. I don't want to be responsible for the outcome of any breath-holding scenarios.

Where was I?... Oh yeah. SO. Having been so very busy with the taptaptappity word-based goodness, I am now at a point where I can take a wee (WEE) break and give myself a reward for recent diligence. A lollipop, if you will, and make a blog entry. That would be this. (WHEEE!)

And then, immediately thereafter, it will be back to work - in SPITE of the taunting gobs of sunshine scheduled to rain down upon my fair city this weekend. That is, of course, because April - with her capricious meteorological whims - has picked up her muddy skirts in a flirty swish and hit the road for another year. Enter May. And gobby sunshine. And the siren song of my garden. Which I did - yes - manage to muck out, replacing said muck with flowery brilliance and new lilac shrubbery (heeding the call of the Knights of Ni demanding same, o all you Monty Python geeks - shout out!!), and geraniums and a hanging basket with petunias and such, and tiny little candy-striped thingies of which I know not the name, and shasta daisies and forget-me-nots! These later of which are, apparently, coveted by squirrels.

Not just any squirrels. Ragin' Cajun Squirrels. I can only surmise this because, any squirrel willing to dig up a plant coated in that much freakin' CAYENNE PEPPER (sprinkled wantonly in order to forestall any such digging of up), has to be a connoisseur of REALLY HOT FOOD. This is the squirrel with a 'fridge door full of the kinds of hot sauce bottles that come adorned with little death's-head keychains and names like 'Ass in Space', 'Bottle o' Doom', 'Nitro', and 'Lava Lamp'. I do NOT want to sample this squirrel's gumbo. I imagine this particular furry dude would have NO problem chowing down on Homer's Guatamalan Insanity Pepper. Either that, or he was just the butt of some kind of squirrel college frat-boy dare. Either way, I'm down one forget-me-not.

But, give the critter his due, I am also UP one accidental tulip. YOU know the ones - the tulips that spring out of nowhere, having been planted there - most likely - by my blackened catfish and collard greens lovin' squirrel buddy. 'Cause I sure didn't put it there. Nevertheless, I am grateful for its presence. It is pretty and yellow and ridiculously cheery. It is the colour of sunshine, lollipops and and... and it reminds me that, even if I get stuck in front of the computer for most of a glorious weekend, the flowers will probably get along just fine without me.

Right. Back to it then. Hey - Squirrel! How d'you feel about doing some weeding?


S.K.S. Perry said...

But of course I missed you. So did that other guy. *g*

gregg chamberlain said...

i s'pose you could do worse than have a Ragin' Cajun squirrel visit your garden.

could have been a Stanley Park squirrel like what plagues the liquid sunshine-drenched environs of Vancouver.

those critters actually MUG park patrons for peanuts!

Doug A Scott said...

1. Wondering slightly if I'm "that other guy". Because I also missed Lesley. Naturally. ;-)

2. ... Gregg!? Dude! Where'd you come from? Not complaining or anything, it's just a surprise to see you suddenly turn up. :-D

Adrienne said...

I have tagged you to reveal 8 random things about you! (check out my blog to understand what the heck I am going on about)