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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Mo-o-o-mmm... Adrienne won't stop poking me..."

Adrienne: "I did not!" *poke*

LL: "She just did it again!"

My Mom: "Kids..."

LL: "Make her stop!"

Adrienne: "I didn't do anything!" *poke*

LL: "MOM!"

My Mom: "If you girls can't play nice - I'm turning this blog around and we're going home!"

LL: *mutter...*

Adrienne (sotto voce): "The first one was a 'TAP' and the second one was a 'TAG' and if you weren't such a blog-weenie you wouldn't have anything to whine about in the first place!"

LL: *pout*

Adrienne: "And it still took you weeks to post this! Weenie."

LL (whining): "Mo-o-o-mmm - tell her I've been busy-y-y-y! Tell her about the script I finished and the 75 pages I wrote on a new project and the spec proposal I wrote and the 'nother 'toon episode I recorded and and and..."

My Mom: "And Adrienne's right. She did another galley proof and is hard at work on her sequel and having production meetings for her Summerworks show and STILL manages to blog regularly. I'm sorry, dear. She's right. You're being a weenie."

Okay okay. [/weeniewhining]

After all, she's just trying to make me blog more... Darling girl. Heh.

Look - I promise to get to all of Adrienne's poking and prodding and tapping and tagging and what-not-ery next week when she and I return from 4 fabulous days and 3 fun-filled nights in New York! New York! That's right, were heading back to the Large Red Fruit for some BookExpoAmerica-related MONSTER FUN!

I'm sure the plane ride there and back will give Adrienne LOTS of time for more poking. Whee.

I'm Kidding! I'm KIDDING! Mom - don't turn the blog around!!! I'll be good...


Doug A Scott said...

Now I've got the song from I'm Mad going through my head.

Hope the visit to N'york is productive and fun.

("I'm mad! I'm mad!
I'm reallyreallyreally mad!
You poked with me your elbow in my side!"
"No I didn't!")

Adrienne said...

Weenie!!! (runs and hides behind mom)

See you in a couple hours at zee airport! Yay!

Adrienne said...

Hey I'm back from out east. We should hang.

And also . . . it's been over a month now since you've blogged!!