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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"New Nork, New Nork"...

"Boy, id bin a nong time since dem days."**

You know - since Eddie Murphy was funny. And not running around in a giant female fat suit. Yes sir - a nong time.

Also, apparently it's been a fairly 'nong' time since I travelled south o' the border to the Great Red Fruit! With narry a promised picture posted. Well... that's about to change, I can tell you.

So. For Anyone Who Cares ("Hi , Mom - see I wore a hat!") and/or The Idly Curious, I herein paste a few choice snaps (photo credits almost entirely to Adreinne Kress - except, of course, for the ones she happens to be in) from the Central Park/Tavern on the Green leg of the trip:

Yup - it was as cold as it looks! Still - whee!!

The patient and pettable Commander!

I totally wasn't kidding about the Kryptonite Chandelier (see post below)!

Lunch in the Tavern - in all it's toothachey-decor glory!

It's... the King Kong Topiary...

Somebody let him in - he probably just wants a sandwich...

** Please tell me that you all 'amembuh' the SNL "Buh-weet Sings" sketch. Please? "Wookin' Pa Nub"? Anyone?


Doug A Scott said...

Somebody let him in - he probably just wants a sandwich...

Or possibly he want to join in on that game of Monopoly. ;-)

adrienne said...

Aw New York! Odd that it's been over a month since we went. I wanna go back! Now! (pout)

S.K.S. Perry said...