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Monday, March 4, 2013

EVERY NEVER AFTER Launch Party!!!...

...And you're all invited!!


Come on out and party with me and Clare and Allie and Milo!
If you're in the Toronto area on March 22, 
we would LOVE to see you!


 By the way... speaking of EVERY NEVER AFTER... remember that Cover Reveal contest I announced here? The one I never mentioned a closing date for so... it never kinda ended? Yeah - that's why I shouldn't be allowed to organize things (don't worry! other people are handling the party!). But, in honour of the full, fabulous cover art (see below) and impending launch, I'm declaring that contest STILL OPEN, with all entries still valid, and a closing date of March 15 - when I WILL CHOOSE, for realsies, the winners! 

SO, for all of you who haven't entered yet 
(and for all of you who have and would like to enter again, I'll totally count it) 

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