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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

STARLING Has Officially Flown the Nest!

That's right!

This bird is flying all over North America! Now that the US Release date is upon us I thought I'd celebrate by posting the STARLING Book Trailer for your enjoyment!

Here it is:



Adrienne R said...

Thanks for coming to FanExpo last weekend! It was great to meet you and finally get my copy of Darklight signed :) You were a delight to talk to.

I'm looking forward to reading both Darklight and Tempestuous, and then moving onto your other books.

curlypow said...

If this one is even half as good as your others it will be a joy to read. Can't wait.

Michele B (ReadingLark/CdnTwiMom) said...

Hi Lesley! It was so great seeing you again at your Starling book launch party! It was a wonderful evening! I know everyone is going to love Starling!! I already can't wait for book #2!!!! Wishing you TONS of success with your newest book! *CHEERS* Hope to see you again soon!! xo

Terri Bynum said...

Hi there :)

I just finished "Starling" and I'm utterly hooked! What an incredible, original, gorgeous book!! I know that I'm being premature, but I need something to hang onto; the next in this series...approximate release date? I'm assuming around August 2013. I'll keep watching, just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do!

Terri B.