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Thursday, April 7, 2011


What a LOVELY way to start my day! The very first email I opened up was from my wonderful Spanish publisher, ViceVersa Editorial, sending me the cover art for the third book in the Wondrous Strange trilogy, TEMPESTUOUS. Or -- as it will be called in Spain -- LA ULTIMA FUNCION! Isn't it lovely?

I really love the treatment ViceVersa has given the entire series but I think this one, in particular, knocks it out of the park! I love Kelley's wings (and I so love how they change from cover to cover, just like they do in the books), I love the fierceness of her expression, I love the dichotomy between the mortal and faeire realms... and I LOVE the fact that a certain kelpie gets a bit of screen time, too!

I also love the title, which traslates as THE LAST PERFORMANCE or THE FINAL ACT. How perfect is that??

The Spanish edition will launch on May 12, 2011.

And just in case you've forgotten what the previous two covers looked like... here you go!

THE NINTH NIGHT (Wondrous Strange)



Mel B* said...

This same edition will come to my country (Mexico). I can't wait!

Irune said...

OMG!! I love it! I am a spanish fan of your books and I have to say that I love all of them! and can´t wait to bought this book!! love you and thanks for make this awesome books! xox

Stephie said...

Those are soo beautiful! I absolutely love the titles too! Lesley, this is amazing.

Michele said...

Those ARE gorgeous covers!! I hope you get a set to keep, Lesley!! :)

Irene said...

oh, it´s fantastic!!! I love your books, Lesley. I cant wait to buy the book.

Dana said...

The covers are all fantastic!!

Jeremy Bates said...

It's look like all books are great? I'll check it out...