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Sunday, November 22, 2009


That's right...

Only ONE. MONTH. MORE. before DARKLIGHT hits the shelves, people...



*Insert Muppet Arm Flail here*

And - not only the book... but the audio book!!

That's right - this time around the lovely folks at HarperCollins are releasing the audio-book at the same time as the book-book! Which I think is pretty cool. I'm inclined to think this because I just spent three days (including today) locked again in a tiny padded room talking to myself. And - again! - not for the reasons you would automatically expect!

Anyway, as a result, I'm a little on the giddy side and should not be trusted to type anything sensible. So, I leave you, instead, with a bit of an idea of what DARKLIGHT is all about, and a teeny-tiny sneak-snippet from inside the book to whet your appetite!

In this sequel to WONDROUS STRANGE, Kelley Winslow finds her NYC acting career blossoming as she takes the lead in Romeo and Juliet. But she also finds herself desperately missing Sonny Flannery—who was forced back to the Faerie Otherworld, charged with a dangerous mission by Kelley’s father, King Auberon.

When Kelley finds herself thrown into the Otherworld following a deadly chase in Central Park, her passionate reunion with Sonny is cut short. Ancient magick is stirring, and a dangerous enemy has Sonny and Kelley caught in a web of Faerie deception that could tear their love apart.


In spite of himself, Sonny knelt back down on the grass and glanced into the Faerie queen’s improvised scrying pool. He had no wish to spy on Kelley. Still, he found he could not look away. . . . The wild, dangerous look on Kelley’s face made her look so much like her mother that it gave Sonny a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach. But not nearly as much as the last, lingering image that flared up in the water—the image of Kelley throwing her arms around another man.



Danielle said...

I'm so happy for your new release! I have an advance copy sitting on my shelf just waiting to be read, which I will do soon! That little snippet also excites me further :)

Julliet said...

Hi Lesley

I am Irene and I live in Spain. Yesterday I bought your book "LA NOVENA NOCHE" and I could not stop reading! I hope soon to leave the second half. Someday I want to write as well as you. Good luck and thanks for writing the wonderful story of Sonny and Kelley.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to read it:)

Lesley Livingston said...

Thank you, Danielle! I'm very excited to have Darklight on your TBR shelf. Glad you enjoyed the snippet!

Hola, Irene! I'm so pleased you are enjoying LA NOVENA NOCHE! I'm just thrilled with the Spanish edition - it's so pretty! Glad you like it and good luck with your own writing! (And you're welcome!)

Thank you anonymous! Hope you enjoy!

Laura said...

Hi Lesley!I'm so happy for you!I can't wait till the book is out, I can't wait to know what's about to happening to Kelley and Sonny. I hope that the Italian translation will not take too long!

Lesley Livingston said...

Hi Laura!

Thanks for stopping by! If last time is anything to judge by,I don't think it will be too long a wait before the Italian version is out. Fazi did a fantastic job with getting Wondrous Strange on the shelves in good time (and in a lovely edition!).

I can't wait to see how "Darklight" translates! :-D

Pandora said...

ooOOoo, with the- and- pool- scary kelly- another man!
You just love us wanting more.


purplg8r said...

Yay! Darklight is my Waiting on Wednesday pick this week!

S said...

I'm like, hyperventilating right now. Girl, twilight doesn't have ANYTHING on your books. You're amazing. When I was finished with Wondrous Strange, I was so.. bewildered. I wanted more, and come to find out, there will be more. OH MA GOSH. AHHH. I'm so happy right now. Thank you SO SO SO SO much! :D :D :D <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Ah!!! that was awesome! i finished Wondrous Strange in 1 1\2 days
it was soooo awesome i cant wait till Darklight comes out!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley!

I really love Wondrous Strange... I'm Italian and I hope to read soon Darklight in my language :) I cannot wait!!! you're a great writer!


Cindy said...


Kate said...

i can not wait for the new book. i love Wondrous Strange i have read it probly three or four times. i love the you put the relm of faries and theater togther.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley!:)
I'm Spanish and I think LA NOVENA NOCHE is the best book in the world!I couldn't stop to read about sonny and kelley
Do you know when will darklight be in the Spanish libraries? I hope the Spanish translation won't take so long...

RINA said...

Hey Lesley!!
Congrats on the Big Day tomorrow.
Really looking forward to reading Darklight!
Have a Great Christmas and a Happy 2010!

Lesley Livingston said...

Thanks guys!

Pandora - heh heh heh...

Purplg8r - I saw that! - thanks!

S - deep breaths into a paper bag!

Anon - yay!

Linda - thank you! The Italian version should be along swiftly if the first one is any indication.

Cindy - "Yay!" back atcha!

Kate - that made me smile. Thank you!

Anon - I love the Spanish versions, too! And they were pretty fast.

RINA - you're a doll. Thank you and I hope you have an awesome holiday, too!!!

Anonymous said...

that sounds sooo good i can not wait to read it

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