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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last Week In Review! And WHAT a Week!

Seriously! Not in the least because it was full of flowers! Which it was... see?

But also because...

On Monday: Finished round-2 edits on the second book in the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy. Sent the to my uber-editor. Which was cause enough for celebration! And *collapse*!

On Tuesday: Celebrated with Adrienne Kress the Official Publication date of Timothy and the Dragon's Gate, her awesome sequel to Alex and the Ironic Gentleman! She's super-cool! Check her out. That's her right there! Purty, huh?

On Wednesday: It was my birthday!!! And my fabulous boyfriend gave me the purplest iPod ever with which to listen to my writing playlists!!! (And watch tiny wide-screen movies on. It is SO cool.)

And then there was Thursday.
And Thursday was all about THIS:

My Launch Party. I do not have a smilie-icon big enough or expressive enough to insert here to express what a fantastic experience this was.

The place (A great little pub called the Dominion on Queen was all decorated with blue faerie lights and we had live music and it was packed. Crazy-packed. I-didn't-know-I-knew-that-many-people packed.

I read an excerpt from WONDROUS STRANGE!

I signed copies! For 2 1/2 hours!! There was a line-up! It was awesome!! This is me with Monica and Alex S.!

A flock of beautiful faerie-wing wearing young ladies showed up! Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever! Look (from left to right - Samantha, me, Casey and Alex B.!) :

I was interviewed by SPACE and BRAVO! See - here I am chatting with Mark Askwith (SPACE producer, braniac, and all-around nice guy)!

Wonderful bookseller Bakka Phoenix was there selling books! A lot of books!
And most of all, I was surrounded by friends - many of whom I haven't seen in years and it was a fantastic celebration.
You can read a lovely account of it here on the Chapters Indigo website!
And then Friday... Friday? I did pretty much absolutely nothing!
Oh yeah. I also got my next round of book-2 edits back from my editor. Like I said, she's awesome. But I don't think she sleeps much. *grin*


Doug A Scott said...

Okay, I know I keep saying this over and over, but...

I so wish I could've been there for the big launch.

And I'm so looking forward to getting my copy of the book.

And I'm so glad this has gone so great for you. Couldn't have happened to a nicer, cooler person.

Okay. I'm done. Again. :-)

Rina said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Your Launch Party looks like it was a blast! Wish I could have been there.


Laura said...

My husband goes to Toronto ALL the time and wouldn't take me for the launch party:( I should divorce him:)