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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wondrous Love...

Okay... can I just take a moment to do some shameless Horn-Tootin'?

Because I am thrilled and humbled and utterly gobsmacked by the advance praise that WONDROUS STRANGE has thus far managed to garner from some truly AWESOME authors.

Check out what they have to say:

"Dark enchantment and treacherous magic enliven every page." ~ MELISSA DE LA CRUZ, AUTHOR OF THE BLUE BLOODS SERIES

"Wow! Wondrous Strange is enchanting from beginning to end! With a marvelously refreshing heroine, a genuinely lovable hero, and a swift-moving, fascinating plot, Ms. Livingston gives a modern twist to the age-old epic ‘hero's coming of age' story. Set against the play A Midsummer Night's Dream, Wondrous Strange shows that the world of Faerie can be updated and yet retain its age-old charm—as well as its aura of deadly danger. This is my kind of fiction, and my kind of heroine! I enjoyed it immensely, and think Lesley Livingston will go far!" ~ LJ SMITH, AUTHOR OF THE NY TIMES BESTSELLING VAMPIRE DIARIES

"Completely absorbing and perfectly polished — Livingston's vision of faeries in the modern world is bright and exciting. A dazzling debut!"~ DON BASSINGTHWAITE, AUTHOR OF THE DOOM OF KINGS

"Many novels start off well. But rarely do they keep getting better, and better, until they deliver so much more than they promise that, by the end, a standing ovation is in order. Wondrous Strange is that rare kind of novel, deserving (and including) fireworks, bells, thunderbolts, showers of glitter and gales of applause. A nearly miraculous balancing act that juggles Celtic faerie shenanigans, New York City, a sense of humor, Shakespeare, courtly love, peril and honor and a perfectly logical plot that keeps twisting deeper and darker into layer after layer of magic -- and oh, by the way, did I mention that the characters are to love and die for? If you have ever in your life felt the lure of things most wondrous strange, don't miss this book. ~ NANCY SPRINGER, EDGAR AWARD WINNING AUTHOR OF THE ENOLA HOLMES SERIES

And - what's more - WONDROUS STRANGE is now officially available for pre-order at! For some reason, that very fact, alone, makes it seem less and less likely that I'm on Candid Camera. Or that Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out from behind a potted plant and tell me I've been "Punk'd"!

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