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Monday, May 26, 2008


Anybody got one of those little extendable salad-forky-back-scratcher thingies? Seriously. I could use one.

Y'see, Wondrous Strange went to page proofs a couple of weeks ago, so the majority of my work on the manuscript is essentially done (for now), and I find myself at an interesting stage of the whole publishing process.
Feeling kinda... itchy. If you know what I mean.

Because, well, the book's pretty much outta my hands, now. Which is fine. But everything else feels all sort of 'fledgling-poised for flight... almost'.


I now have (eeeee!!) draft cover art for WS (it's SOOOOOOO GORGEOUS). But it's not 100% final yet, so I can't share.

Also? I now have a title for the second book (which I adore). But it's not 100% final yet, so I can't share.

Also? I have now see draft copy for Wondrous Strange for the Canadian version of the Harper Collins Catalogue (it's awesome). But - you guessed it - I can't share that either.

So yeah. Itchy.

Hence this post full of (not) sharing.



Doug A Scott said...

Oh, great, way to make us all antsy and fidgety.

Doug A Scott said...

Ah. Didn't mean to post that quite yet. Wasn't completely done. Was just going to comment that at least you've now blogged during the current calendar month. Unlike, say, oh, me.

Okay, now done.

Lesley Livingston said...

"Antsy and Fidgety, Attorneys at Law"

Yeah - but Doug... it's so very near the END of the current calendar month!

Er - get posting, you!


Anonymous said...

I'm on the verge of similar circumstances myself. I just keep myself distracted by writing on other projects.

Lesley Livingston said...

Hey Devon!

Yeah... I'm trying to keep that particular train on the track, too. Just SO hard to type with all the scratching!! *scritch*

(BTW - thanks for the lovely comments on MISSPELLED further down! I missed those the first time somehow! So glad you enjoyed the story - it was hella fun to write!)


Bonnie Grove said...

I'm freaked out excited for you, girl.
And I can't wait for the big reveal!
I'm not where you are in the process. . . not YET.
(drum roll please)
I have meself and agent and we have somewhere between 5 and 6 publishing houses duking it out for my novel. It is INSANE. I'm all 'well shuck's' and 'humble pie' about it.
I mean, whoda thunk it?
But I've got shivers for you! It's so exciting!

Lesley Livingston said...


Congrats, Bon! Very exciting!!!

Let me know how it all turns out!


Bonnie Grove said...

It turned out well. I have a two book deal with a publisher (to be named when ink is dry on said deal) and a second book series is under consideration.


Time to go put my pumpkin to bed before she turns back into a princess.

Or something like that.