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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"All This Time" -- it is a changin'...

Didja feel that?
That was the passage of time. And a subway train.
And the former name of this blog.
Do you like the new look?
Do you like the fact that I actually posted something?
Would you like me to post MORE somethings?
'cause that's what I'm gonna do!
Welcome to my world - again or for the first time.
My name is Lesley Livingston. I am the author of
Wondrous Strange
a YA novel soon to be published by the marvelous folks at Harper Collins
and this is my
New and Improved
Wherein I shall post regularly! (Go ahead - laugh! I'll show you!...) And wherein I shall keep you updated on all the comings and the goings, and the to-ings and the fro-ings here, in my wee whacky sphere of experience.
I'm looking forward to it.

And - no...
Subsequent posts will NOT be written in funny bird-shapes like this one.
That's just me havin' new blog fun.


Adrienne said...

Regularly she says. I raise my eyebrow at you madam, my eyebrow I say!!

(congrats again on getting the latest round of edits done . . . you shame us all!)

Doug A Scott said...

[Doug points.]

Hey! Look everyone! Lesley's finally posted on her blog!

["Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."]

Who said that? Oh, right, the annoying little voice in my head. Shoot.

Anyway, glad you're back here and I look forward to more postage. Hugs.

Lesley Livingston said...

You guys are LOVELY! And still reading my blog! Which makes you both my BFFs.



(oh, and, Adrienne? I just sent in my Author Questionnaire. Er - on time. *ducks*)

Adrienne said...

I throw things at you.

Bonnie Grove said...

It's great, and I'm glad ye be bloggin'
Twill be better when ye are bloggin' on MY blog too.

Yeah, I'm cyber nagging.

Oh yeah.

Get used to it.

Heh heh

Aww, you know I love you.