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Friday, April 20, 2007

You see? You see that? April mocks me.

In oh-so-sly, reverse-mockery fashion.

Today is the third day in a row since I posted my last entry that the sky has been eye-shatteringly blue. The air, filled with the mild sweet kisses of actual spring-breeze temperatures. I have been wooed from the tweedy, scarf-wrapped depths of my winter-wear. I am forced to consider the possibilities of mucking out the planting beds in the yard this weekend...

If this continues, I might have to retract my previous April-bashing statements in their entirety.

Now do you see what I meant about April's cruel mockery? Huh? Huh??
Right. I thought you might.

Now, if you will excues me, I must go forth and bask defiantly in all that haughty, scoffing sunshine.



Nancy said...

Just be glad you're not in Australia. April is frustrating here too, but on an hour to hour basis rather than a weekly one like you've been describing. The mornings can be chilly as hell and you go to work all muffled up and warm, and a mere couple of hours later and the sun is higher in the sky, the temperature has shot up to 28 or 29 degrees and you're stripping franticly and sweating like a pig. So you get all nice and comfortable, then four o'clock comes around and the sun slips down in the sky - before you know it you're trying to find where you stowed your clothes cause it's suddenly bloody cold again. It's like Star Trek 3 when they're trying to find Spock on the Genesis Planet. Desert and then freezing cold!

(Aussie fan, friend of Dougie's).

S.K.S. Perry said...

Hey, it's dark and rainy here most days--just like April's supposed to be. (Of course I hear is supposed to be bright and sunny on Monday. Grrrrr.

Lesley Livingston said...


Yah-but... it's Australia!
Than, in itself, would - in my imaginings - make up for a WHOLE lot! I mean - you guys have the marsupials! Coooolll...

And - welcome to the blog! Any friend of Dougie's cannot help but RAWK!! (also, you reference ST-3 and the Genesis Planet. You are a keeper!)

SPERRY! - Dude. I'll even take a sunny Monday at this point (yes, that's right loyal blog-readers, April done got all cold and chilly again...*sigh*)