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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ack! What a dreadful sin of omission!!

I hang my head in shame.

See - John reads my post, below. And then, in a certain 'uh... aren't you forgetting something important...?' kind of tone says "What - no Captain Kirk?"

"DEAR YE GODS!! The one that started it all!!" I cried out, mortified. And so hereby make amends:

Three words: James Tiberius Kirk. More specifically - James Tiberius Kirk in the episode "Shore Leave". You know - the one that takes place on that wacky robot planet where Kirk's getting soundly, repeatedly, gloriously thrashed by a simulacrum of his past nemesis, Starfleet Academy upper classmate bully-boy Finnigan? Yeah! That's the one!...


The ripped shirt. The dusty trousers. The touseled hair. The trickle of bright blood welling at the corner of his mouth. The crazy Irish fightin' music... and the nuclear-powered gleam in Jim Kirk's eyes throughout.

I was (reeeally) young when I first saw this episode. I was (reeeally) impressionable. Well, mission accomplished Jimmy Boy! As you can see from the post below, I was impressed upon. Mightily. And now, well, I DO so like my heros Finnigan'ed.

(Of course, as Adrienne so very rightly pointed out in her response to the below, I also like 'em funny. There's nothing beats a funny hero. Unless, of course, something beats a funny hero. Then it's just double-plus good!!)
And let's face it. This stuff is, ultimately, just SOOO much fun to write!
Speaking of which... I think I'll go do some of that right about now.
Outta here,
[/geek alert off]


adrienne said...

I think you've hit on something here. It isn't the vulnerabilty, that seeming impossible veneer of strength suddenly gone and in its place an oh so human man who needs your support and love.


It's the crazy Irish fightin' music.

Lesley Livingston said...

Yeah... heh heh... there's nothing quite like watching some handome rogue get clocked in the jaw to the mad strains of a frantic pennywhistle jig *grin*


Danielle said...

You forgot Batman... Not shining knight. Dark Knight. and talk about tortured - inside and outside. However, I am not able to say that any of the movie depictions of Batman reached me in this way. The most recent was closest, but, well, maybe my standards are just too high.
In addition, how can you be a hero if you don't lose something terribly important to you and still go beyond just "carrying on" and being "ok" to do something admirable and/or nigh impossible.
I might add that the perfect, clean, perfectly behaved and prpoer hero just never seemed attainable to me. Probably because he did not seem human enough or real. The flaws were necessary, be they battered armour, a bloody lip, or some serious emotional or attitude problem.
So to add to your requirement for a battered, scarred hero, who occaisionally gets the snot neat out of him (to frantic Irish music or not), I would simply add that he would require a bit of the rogue or scoundrel (or both) within him, i.e. Batman, Han Solo, JTK, etc.
And you know that we all like to believe that our favorite boys on the ice are also a little bit flawed. I mean what would the game be is everyone skated beatifully and scored every time and were perfect gentlemen on the ice, all the time? Not worth a single beer.